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Appendix A. Change Log

Table A.1. Change Log

administrator3.1.2Support for the Lucene Snowball Analyzer, which may be enabled through the Advanced Search -> Advanced Search Settings screen.
administrator3.1.2Lucene upgraded to 2.4.1.
all3.1.1.4Logging tweaks in HibernateDaoFactory.
administrator3.1.1.4Fixes to bugs preventing upgrades from running under certain circumstances.
administrator3.1.1.4Links to add options under Compact and Expanded attributes provided upon adding the attribute and viewing the detail screen for it.
administrator3.1.1.4Error messages prevent administrators from deactivating all tax, shipping, or payment processors and provide instructions for how to skip each type of processing.
all3.1.1"Content Page" feature added for creating ad hoc pages incorporated into the site with any content desired
administrator3.1.1Ability to configure the layout used for product, category, and content pages (with or without a sidebar)
administrator3.1.1Ability to define additional SEO fields for products, categories and content fields, including title tags and meta descriptions
administrator3.1.1Ability to define which links appear in the navigation areas of the header and footer, separately, from the Look and Feel Settings -> Header, Side Panel and Welcome screen
administrator3.1.1Ability to define which categories and content pages appear as links in the header and footer, from the Look and Feel Settings -> Header, Side Panel and Welcome screen
administrator3.1.1Tool added to purge the database of credit card information (found under Maintenance and Upgrades -> Card Info Clean Up)
administrator3.1.1Fix to bug related to Google Base (Froogle) export image tags
administrator3.1.1Bug fixed related to manufacturer and primary category form fields on the product control screen and detail screen
administrator3.1.1Design Editor pop ups for product, manufacturer, category, and content page descriptions
administrator3.1.1The welcome page may be replaced by adding a Content Page with a code of '_welcome'
customer3.1.1Visiting the welcome page collapses the category tree
administrator3.1.0.3Bugs related to using Power Edit on the Category and Product control screens fixed
all3.1.0Upgrade to Struts 1.3.10 (struts-core.jar and associated jar files and tld files)
installer3.1.0Default logging level for application classes set to INFO now rather than DEBUG
installer3.1.0Changes made during installation to /WEB-INF/classes/ and hibernate.properites are copied also to the same files under /WEB-INF/src, if they exist, to keep things in sync
administrator3.1.0Changes to Components settings now are written to /WEB-INF/src/, if it exists, in addition to the same file under /WEB-INF/classes, to keep things in sync
administrator3.1.0Adding buttons to the top of the order control screen to work with orders of each of the possible order statuses
administrator3.1.0Drop down menus to update statuses and print invoices from the order control screen reworked
administrator3.1.0Sensitive settings such as payment gateway passwords updated to a new setting "value type" of "encryptedValue", which encrypts the setting in the database
administrator3.1.0Functions having to do with managing settings moved from AdministratorProcessor to com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.core.Settings
administrator3.1.0Payflow Pro integration updated to use the new 4.3 API from PayPal. payflow.jar added, Verisign.jar removed
administrator3.1.0New interface in the admin area added to edit the Store Messages that appear throughout the customer interface
customer3.1.0Payflow Pro bug fixed where Comment1, Comment2, and other optional parameters were not successfully passed to Payflow Pro
customer3.1.0Bug fixed where the "Add to Cart" button was missing on product list pages if the last item listed was out of stock
customer3.0.4.2Marking of the order number at the very end of checkout separated into its own method call and wrapped in an application-scope lock
customer3.0.4.2Conditional on cart page fixed that caused the estimated shipping form to be displayed when it shouldn't
administrator3.0.4New extra fields, 'created' and 'amount' fields for payments
administrator3.0.4New fields for shipping methods
administrator3.0.4Bug fixed where two product SKUs could exist for the same product in the database
customer3.0.4New 'number of days to ship' field for shipping methods used to display the estimated delivery date to customers during checkout
customer3.0.4New form to ask customer for delivery information on cart page, for estimated shipping calculation (enable with new setting under Shipping Configuration -> Shipping Settings)
administrator3.0.3.4"Go" buttons combined into one on order control screen
customer3.0.3.4Bug fixed where active shipping rules were being applied in some circumstances
customer3.0.3.4If a customer selects a shipping method and then comes back to the shipping (or combo) screen, his selection will be pre-selected
customer3.0.3.4In the UPS processor, the package weight is set to 0.5 if it is more than zero and less than 0.5, to meet UPS's requirement
customer3.0.3.4In the UPS processor, the package is skipped entirely if the weight is equal to zero.
customer3.0.3.4More user-friendly error message appears on the shipping screen if no shipping options are available
customer3.0.3.4Javascript 'submit once' check removed from combo form if a confirm screen comes after it
administrator3.0.3.3Inclusion of .js scripts in Admin area optimized
all3.0.3.3Option names used on cart page, invoices, and the order overview screen, rather than option codes
all3.0.3.2Eclipse project settings tested under Europa and Ganymede
installer3.0.3.2Image paths to demo attribute images fixed
customer3.0.3.2Bug fixed where exception was shown to customers when a non-numeric quantity was entered for the Add to Cart form
administrator3.0.3New Advanced Search setting 'Add Attributes and Options to Index' indexes attribute and option codes, names and descriptions
administrator3.0.3Ajax order management tools added to order overview screen: Add/Remove item; Update billing/shipping info; Change shipping method; Add/Remove coupon
all3.0.3Copy and alter method added to Settings object to help with customizations
all3.0.3Yahoo! User Interface Ajax library version 2.7.0 added
all3.0.3New computeApplicableTaxRate method added to BasicTaxProcessor, which may be called independently of a given order
all3.0.3AuthorizeNetProcessor now stores amount and type of each payment transaction
all3.0.3Methods from CartAddAction and CheckoutAction delegated to new CheckoutUtils and ActionUtils for greater flexiblity in customizing
all3.0.3BasicCartProcessor.processEditItem can now process the editing of multiple cart items at once
all3.0.2.3In, c3p0.breakAfterAcquireFailure set to false so application tries to reconnect to db if it goes down
all3.0.2.3Character encoding defined in settings set on the request object as well as the response object
administrator3.0.2.3Bug fixed where when exporting categories the max productID was used instead of max categoryID
administrator3.0.2Store logo upload settings form fixed to allow you to simply enter a path to the image
customer3.0.2More UPS errors displayed to users so they have an opportunity to correct their delivery address
installer3.0.2Eclipse .project, .classpath, and .settings files included with distributions.
installer3.0.2/WEB-INF/src directory included with Free Edition, with the com directory the only excluded directory
all3.0.2Customer and Administrator audit logs new record the HTTP referrer and the full, original URL of each hit
all3.0.2Upgrade to Log4j 1.2.15
all3.0.1.11Fixed issue where was rewritten on every server restart, causing the context to be reloaded if the context was configured to reload on any class file change. This caused an infinite loop of reloads for contexts configured to automatically reload. Now it will only rewrite the file once.
administrator3.0.1.11For Lucence Advanced Search, indexing Product.order as an integer to speed up sorting.
administrator3.0.1.11Fixing rare bug affecting product and category control screens related to the "parent" and "primaryCategory" fields.
administrator3.0.1.10Settings are reloaded into the application scope whenever they are edited in bulk from the control screen
customer3.0.1.10When more than one discount with an expiration date applies to a product, the earliest date is displayed on the product page
customer3.0.1.10Advanced searches use Product.productOrder field to determine the sort whenever another sort is not specified, and as the secondary sort when one is
customer3.0.1.10Bug fixed in discount query that had resulted in "ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB" error
administrator3.0.1.9Checkboxes made to line up under the "Displayed Columns" section of the control screens, and other admin area look and feel refinements
administrator3.0.1.9Bug fixed in resend emails form where the emails were not successfully sent
customer3.0.1.9USPS first class shipping method now defaults to the 'Parcel' rates instead of 'Flat'
administrator3.0.1.6Adding ability to do "update only" and "insert only" imports
administrator3.0.1.6Strike-through pricing on the product and product list pages handles multiple discounts for the same product appropriately.
administrator3.0.1.6Bug fixed where the total of discounts for an order item is limited to that item's total.
administrator3.0.1Bug fixed in unassigning products from categories that have a mixture of products that have the category as its primary category and other products.
administrator3.0.1Bug fixed where superusers and administrators were not allowed to save tax, shipping, and payment settings
administrator3.0.1Bug fixed where credit card numbers were not being decrypted on the payment screen
administrator3.0.1Adding new roles for each of the settings screens, and for viewing the welcome screen
administrator3.0.1Admin menu and tab menus fixed so that only links the user has permission for are displayed
administrator3.0.1Eliminating duplicate returned rows from the order export
administrator3.0.1Order export form now uses pop up calendars
administrator3.0.1When the admin user requests an action he does have permission for, a user-friendly error message is now diplayed
administrator3.0.1Removing whitespace from navigationLookup.jsp
administrator3.0.1Making the control screen counts distinct on the IDs so Products -> Discounts works when there are multiple skus from the same product assigned to the discount
administrator3.0.1Credit cards numbers are now being decrypted in the order export
administrator3.0.1Admin area fixes to the Discounts breadcrumb and SKU control screen
administrator3.0.1Admin area fixes to several Delete forms, where the parent record was lost upon submitting
administrator3.0.1Unsafe characters error message now displays what the unsafe character is
administrator3.0.1Disabling struts-menu plug in
administrator3.0.1Fixing edit mode for the order control screen
customer3.0.1New features related to the cart page integrated into the legacy default cart.jsp template
customer3.0.1Escaping HTML tags in the error and message templates, to avoid XSS issues
customer3.0.1User names are now case insensitive for customers when they log in
customer3.0.1UPS shipping method names not getting into the new Order.shippingMethod field
customer3.0.1Edit order item validation pulled inside synchronized block in CartItemEditAction
all3.0.1Fixing loop through components to capture all defaults for Hibernate mappings
all3.0.1Adding Category.categoryLevel, an informational field denoting the depth of the category in the category tree.
all3.0.1Using maxRecordsProcessed to prevent infinite recursive processing of the category tree
all3.0.1New maxItemsPerOrder field limits number of items that can be placed in the cart, to prevent DOS attacks
customer3.0.0New 'Upsell Related Products on Cart Page' setting for displaying related products on the cart page
customer3.0.0New 'Display Categories on Welcome Screen' setting to display top-level categories in the center of the welcome screen
customer3.0.0New 'Strike through Prices' setting for products where a discount applies, on product and product list pages
customer3.0.0New display settings allowing for more fine-tuned control of the side panel
customer3.0.0New 'Product List Display Format' allows you to choose rows or columns
customer3.0.0New 'Number of Columns on Product List Pages' allows you to choose the number of columns for product lists
customer3.0.0Ability to display global discounts in the side panel
customer3.0.0Ability to display discounts that would take effect if the product were ordered on the product page
customer3.0.0Fix to the 'Search Results Page Size' - the number of items now matches the corresponding setting in the Administrator
customer3.0.0Fixed bug in Account Password screen JSP template under the "default" layout (password.jsp)
customer3.0.0Ability to display estimated shipping costs on the cart page after adding or editing cart items
customer3.0.0Suppressing the display of the term 'Basic:' on the shipping options screen during checkout
customer3.0.0Fixed bug where all shipping rules were applied when customer selected 'Other' for his state
customer3.0.0The default meta keywords and description is now overridden only when those fields are populated for the product or category
customer3.0.0Fix made to the formatting of the shipping amount sent to
customer3.0.0Fixes made to the links behind the Google Checkout buttons
customer3.0.0Discounts no longer reprocessed upon order completion
all3.0.0New files stores any new or altered components
all3.0.0New costTotal fields for OrderItem and OrderItemAttribute
all3.0.0Upgrade to JSTL 1.1 .tld files; including fn.tld
all3.0.0Upgrade to Lucene 2.4.0
all3.0.0Eliminating incorrect order shipping rule and order discount contraints from Oracle and Postgres
all3.0.0Default algorithm for the two-way encryption key changed from DES to AES (DES is still in use for upgraded stores)
all3.0.0In the build directory, the servlet.jar (2.3 api) was replaced with servlet-api.jar and jsp-api.jar (2.4 api)
all3.0.0Added lazy="false" to the Hibernate mappings files to allow casting of custom beans
all3.0.0Default file includes new "audit" logs for each hit made by customers and administrators
all3.0.0Fix for issue where removing discounts or shipping rules could leave orphaned records in database
all3.0.0Updating JSP templates to avoid errors with the new specification as implemented by Tomcat 6.0.18
administrator3.0.0Revamped Administrator interface including new look and feel; new organization; and in-line help
administrator3.0.0Administrator settings completely reorganized. New "Settings Index" added to help find settings.
administrator3.0.0Added order, product, and category 'overview' screens to admin area, for easier editing and management
administrator3.0.0New 'Quick Add' forms appear on various control screen to assist with store maintenance and set up
administrator3.0.0New features on the order control screen to update and print multiple orders at once
administrator3.0.0New toggle on the order control screen allows you to view Completed or Incomplete orders
administrator3.0.0Ability to clone products and optionally the attributes and options under them
administrator3.0.0New reports section of the admin area offers Sales by Product and Monthly Sales reports
administrator3.0.0Integrated contact form that may be included on the Contact Us page; configurable under Store Settings -> Contact Form
administrator3.0.0Google Analytics ecommerce tracking integration under Store Settings -> Tracking
administrator3.0.0Integration added for the Paypoint payment gateway
administrator3.0.0Added the ability to order products within categories separately from the global ordering
administrator3.0.0Added the ability to order attributes within products separately from the global ordering
administrator3.0.0Added the ability to order related products under parent products separately from the global ordering
administrator3.0.0SKUs may now be exported and imported along with products, categories, attributes, and options
administrator3.0.0As new records are added or edited, validation checks are made against the database and helpful messages displayed
administrator3.0.0Large amount of clean up and refactoring of Administrator JSP templates to leverage CSS and JSTL better
administrator3.0.0New system for defining and displaying breadcrumbing, the side navigation, and other areas of the Administrator
administrator3.0.0Changes made to how the control screen parameters are stored in the session: only items per page and display fields stored
administrator3.0.0Custom Settings now filterable, sortable, etc.
administrator3.0.0New shipping method field added to the main Order entity; setting to use it instead of the OrderDelivery's
administrator3.0.0Administrator passwords with one-way encryption may now be updated
administrator3.0.0Validating for unsafe characters in various code fields
administrator3.0.0New maxRecordsProcessed and maxAdminRecordsToDisplay fields employed to ensure no runaway processes
administrator3.0.0Fixed issue where max file upload size of 10MB was not respected
administrator3.0.0Ability to define a manufacturer as a drop shipper, with an address, email and phone
administrator3.0.0Support in UPS and USPS for querying rates originating from multiple drop shippers
administrator3.0.0New 'Reject Non-Secure Administrator Requests' setting for preventing non-secure access to the Administrator
administrator3.0.0New type of discount reward: x number of a particular SKU or SKUs for free
administrator3.0.0Ability to require that a certain product or products be in the cart for a discount to be valid
administrator3.0.0Category sorter and product sorter optimized for large data sets, option to sort by code added
administrator3.0.0Lucene reindex function preserves the current index until the reindex is complete, and saves the old index
administrator3.0.0Bug fixed that prevented multiple products with empty SEO code fields from being added in Postgres
administrator3.0.0New Product List SEO marker goes to main product list (
administrator3.0.0Manufacturer SEO marker alone on the URL now goes to main manufacturers list (
administrator3.0.0Fixing the display of the customer invoice when 'Display Invoice' link clicked from Administrator
administrator3.0.0Fixing the 'Send Order Emails' function to respect the form settings when using default-xhtml layout
administrator3.0.0New form allows administrators to generate the two-way encryption key from the admin area
administrator3.0.0Optimizations made to control screens affecting MySQL response times for large datasets
administrator3.0.0New ssc:insert tag used in place of tiles:insert in the Administrator templates
administrator3.0.0New 'Character Encoding' field allow you to set the character encoding in the Administrator
administrator3.0.0New SEO setting 'Include Category Codes in Product URLs' so you can keep the categories off the URLs

Table A.2. Change Log - Version 2.x

administrator2.3.5New SEO Code field added for products: it may be used instead of the product code for SEO URLs
administrator2.3.5Better handling of image paths in the Froogle export
administrator2.3.5Text boxes on various admin screens made larger
administrator2.3.5Ability to validate administrator logins with image text verification (Jcaptcha integraion)
administrator2.3.5Lucene reindexing not triggered immediately after logging in after timeout occurs
administrator2.3.5Optimized the Lucene reindexing action to better handle tens of thousands of products
all2.3.5Classes supporting the Lucene advanced search reorganized for a more flexible API
all2.3.5Fixed bug where 'Illegal attempt' error thrown in rare cases when form buttons were double-clicked
customer2.3.5Ability to validate new accounts with image text verification (Jcaptcha integraion)
customer2.3.5Ability to validate credit card info with image text verification (Jcaptcha integraion)
customer2.3.5Allow Auto Logins for Customers' option added to Settings -> System ('Remember Me' checkbox)
customer2.3.5Automatically Save Last Cart' option added to Settings -> System (Saves customers' last cart)
customer2.3.5Remove button added next to each cart item on the cart page
customer2.3.5Shipping options sorted by lowest price to highest on checkout screens
customer2.3.5Miscellaneous fixes and more thorough testing for PayPal UK integration
customer2.3.4Adding the ability to sort products by name when using Advanced Search
customer2.3.4UPS expected delivery date added to shipping options screen
customer2.3.4Bug fixed where Google Checkout failed when shipping is not required
customer2.3.4Optimized the product page when Lucene is being used to avoid an extra database hit
customer2.3.4Fixed default-xhtml/core/rightSide.jsp to display correctly, and to display the last category visited
customer2.3.4Fixed bug where USPS rates failed to display for UK customers
administrator2.3.4Fix handling of Hibernate exceptions after constraint violations in the admin area
administrator2.3.4Added ability for the importer to process parent categories, and display diagnostic messages
all2.3.4Session IDs now logged on every hit at INFO level
all2.3.3Fixed bug in HibernateFilter where JSP exceptions could leave transactions open
administrator2.3.3Fix for Hibernate "Session is closed" exceptions after visiting the category control screen
administrator2.3.3Removed width restrictions on SKU input select boxes
administrator2.3.3Removed unneeded Google Checkout jar files from build.xml file
administrator2.3.2New Product Sorter and Category Sorter functions for sorting alphabetically by name
administrator2.3.2Fixing formatting of the Output Records to ... Excel function from all control screens
administrator2.3.2Fixed bug where control screen parameters were not properly reset when switching screens
administrator2.3.2All relevant child control screen parameters now reset when parent form is reset
all2.3.2Google Checkout enhanced to support order notifications and other Level 2 integration functions
all2.3.2Upgrade to the 0.91 Google Checkout reference implementation (JavaCheckoutRefImpl.jar)
all2.3.2Cleaned up classes and fixed numerous bugs related to the Google Checkout integration
all2.3.2Optimizing how the system loads matching SKUs for an order item to speed up requests
customer2.3.1New set of default JSPs named "default-xhtml" (used only for new installations)
customer2.3.1Several small fixes and improvements to the original "default" templates
all2.3.1Upgrade to Hibernate 3.2.5
all2.3.1Upgrade to Xerces 2.9.1, eliminating errors with JDK 1.6 for UPS, USPS and exports
all2.3.1Fixed bug in HibernateFilter where JSP exceptions could leave sessions open
all2.3.1Unsupported JSP precompile and schema generation tasks taken out of build.xml
installer2.3.1For security, all requests forward immediately to the installer if it is not locked
installer2.3.1For security, the installer does not display database connection information
installer2.3.1Installer now detects up front what steps are completed, and skips them if the are
installer2.3.1Fixed bug in installer where the JDBC connection was left open
installer2.3.1Look and feel of the installer updated
administrator2.3.1Bug in order export where date ranges were inaccurate fixed
administrator2.3.1When resetting the attribute control screen, the option screen is also reset now
administrator2.3.1UPS extra weight field now added to individual packages in addition to total weight
administrator2.3.1New UPS "maxPackageWeight" field allows admins to enforce UPS maximum weight
administrator2.3.1New Display setting "Base Layout" defines which set of default templates to use
administrator2.3.1Ability to define logo, CSS theme, font style, and main colors from the Display Settings
administrator2.3.1New Display setting named "Display Add to Cart on List Pages"
administrator2.3.1Legacy Display and Styles settings removed in new installations (kept for upgrades)
administrator2.3.1Fixed bugs in roles framework for viewing payment information for an order
documentation2.3.1Guide for Designers rewritten to describe CSS Themes and new Display Settings
administrator2.2.6Support added for importing primary categories and manufacturers for products
administrator2.2.6Bug when price or weight is null during Lucene reindexing fixed
administrator2.2.6Preventing Administrators from being able to assign a category as its own parent
installer2.2.6Missing Lucene index directory setting added to installation script
all2.2.6New "reloadSettingsHitCount" setting added to
customer2.2.6Bug in the USPS Processor with incorrect country name for the United Kingdom fixed
customer2.2.6Bugs with display of category and product list pages when Lucene is used fixed
customer2.2.6Products not loaded from db for categories and manufacturers if Lucene is in use
customer2.2.6Fixing bug with font color of the order total in email confirmations
all2.2.5Lucene advanced search feature added
all2.2.5Added support classes and examples for running processing from the command line
all2.2.5Added new type of shipping rule, to restrict shipping methods based on location
all2.2.5Fixed bug in the USPSProcessor so the 'is machinable' flag now works
all2.2.5Fixed bug in the PayflowProProcessor related to the AVS ZIP response
all2.2.5Fixed bug in the BasePayPalNVPProcessor related to logging levels
documentation2.2.5Documentation converted to new look and feel
documentation2.2.5Improved documentation for Shipping Rules
documentation2.2.5Documentation section on provisioning with RedHat and Tomcat added
customer2.2.5Added ability to display product attributes in a matrix on the product page
administrator2.2.5Added the ability to associate products with categories and manufacturers during imports
administrator2.2.5Added 'Extra Charge' and 'Extra Weight' fields to the UPS settings
administrator2.2.5Fixed bug in the order export so that the 'completed' field is used instead of 'status'
administrator2.2.5Fixed bug when using the resend order email function with a custom orderEmails.jsp
administrator2.2.4Resend order emails function added to order details screen
administrator2.2.4Tax, shipping and payment roles modified to apply to relevant areas
all2.2.4USPS shipping integration
installer2.2.4PayPal US database settings now included in initial installation process
all2.2.3More image file extensions added to those that SEOFilter ignores
all2.2.3Added a hook to the beginning of each request: ActionUtils.onPreRequestEnd
all2.2.3Fixed cases where HQL queries could not be overridden by appending "-custom"
all2.2.3Fixed bug in Google Checkout processing where incorrect order totals were sent
administrator2.2.3Fixed bug in User Defined Settings administrator screen affecting SQL Server 2005
installer2.2.3Fixed bug affecting SQL Server 2005 in script that creates the sscCountry table
administrator2.2.2User Defined Settings feature added under Settings -> User Defined Settings
administrator2.2.2Bug in Froogle export fixed related to the URLs for images.
administrator2.2.2Bug fixed when deleting a product that is another product's related product
administrator2.2.2In the order export, the orderDelivery.statusDetails field has been added
administrator2.2.2Fixed spelling of role for Payment Configuration menu link area
administrator2.2.2Adding roles for order discounts, which were missing from the database
all2.2.2Removing the call to initializeSQLProperties(), to prevent error messages
all2.2.2Fixes to Google Checkout to prevent errors during callback fuctions
administrator2.2.1Language in the file downloads section clarified
administrator2.2.1Setting added to allow carts to be emptied upon customer log out
administrator2.2.1XML generation of Froogle and Google Sitemaps export changed to use jaxp
administrator2.2.1Bug in Froogle export fixed related to when tax information was not entered
administrator2.2.1Bug in processor fixed where the po was overridden with the customer id
administrator2.2.1Feature added for importing product information from flat text files
administrator2.2.1Feature added for exporting product and order information to flat text files
customer2.2.1PayPal Express Checkout link now shown on single-page checkout page
customer2.2.1Fix for inappropriate message when editing cart and selecting an out of stock option
customer2.2.1Fixed broken pages if an error occurs during registration during checkout
customer2.2.1Fix for handling errors when invoking multiple shipping processors.
customer2.2.1Populating the checkout address form from the current order if breadcrumbing link clicked
customer2.2.1Other" suppressed from invoice display as state name
all2.2.1Caching entries added in ehcache.xml for manufacturers and shipping rules
all2.2.1Typo with hibernate.cache.use_second_level_cache in file fixed
all2.2.1PayPal UK integration
all2.2.1Google checkout integration
all2.2.1UPS shipping integration
all2.2.1Shipping rules by SKU infrastructure added
all2.2.1Payflow Pro ACH support added
all2.2.1PayPal payment processors using common name-value pairs API refactored
all2.2.1Making attribute -> option relationship all-delete-orphan in Hibernate
all2.2.1Logging of complete exception stack traces added throughout business and dao layers
customer2.1.2Deleting confusing files for translations
administrator2.1.2Fixing Froogle export format and required fields
administrator2.1.1Displaying component settings in alphabetical order in the administrator
administrator2.1.1Fixed bug in processor where the test mode setting was ignored
administrator2.1.1Fixed bug where low stock emails not sent out if set to decrement on order completion
administrator2.1.1Changed sscOrderItemAttribute.attributeValue field to text data type
administrator2.1.1Added attributeValueMaxLength setting to enforce size of attribute inputs
customer2.1.1Checking inventory upon adding to cart even for items decremented on order completion
customer2.1.1If country allows 'Other' states, a state is not required, even if customer selects 'Other'
customer2.1.1Handling null values in FormUtilsImpl
customer2.1.1Adding a SwitchLanguageAction which allows customers to set their locale
customer2.1.1Fixed bug with date display for some locales on credit card form
customer2.1.1Fixed bug where order total might not get updated after a coupon is used
customer2.1.1Added max file upload size of 10MB
customer2.1.1Validating CVV2 numbers to be 3 or 4 digits in length
customer2.1.1Improved error handling for shipping processors
customer2.1.1Add to cart processing now allows the same product with multiple selections to be added at once
customer2.1.1Fixed issue in PayflowProProcessor where ampersand and equals sign were not escaped
all2.1.1Adjusted logging of admin classes to prevent exceptions if not accessed via admininstrator
all2.1.1Implemented PalPal Website Payments Pro (Express and Direct)
all2.1.1JSTL jstl.jar and standard.jar files updated to version 1.1.2
all2.1.1JavaMail mail.jar file updated to version 1.4
all2.1.1JAF activation.jar file updated to version 1.1
all2.1.1Manufacturers feature added
customer2.0.11Product, attribute, and option prices suppressed if zero, and other template improvements
customer2.0.11Added error handling for shipping processors
customer2.0.11Added a / action which clears the cart of items
customer2.0.11Fixed bug in query for the number of times a discount was used by a given customer
customer2.0.11Fixed miniCategory.jsp template to display the All Items link correctly
customer2.0.11Consolidated all JSPs displaying order details into layouts/default/order/orderDetails.jsp
customer2.0.11Moved findCheckoutScreen() from CheckoutAction to ActionUtils, for easier customizing
customer2.0.11Helper methods added to UserBean and BusinessObjectUtils
administrator2.0.11Struts actions and mappings streamlined to make it easier to create custom screens
administrator2.0.11Orphaned SKU records are now deleted when attributes and options are deleted
administrator2.0.11Built-in category product count setting added under Settings -> System
administrator2.0.11Administrators now remain logged in after placing an order as a customer
administrator2.0.11Fixing failed login behavior for the administrator so a kinder message is displayed
administrator2.0.11Restriction for discounts: if the times used is per customer, it cannot apply to all users.
customer2.0.10Fixed bug where multiple SKU discounts on the same order item both went off the item total
customer2.0.10Adding status details to the review order display, so the shipping method is shown
customer2.0.10Improving link to product zoom image to always pop up new window
customer2.0.10Fixed bug with shipping methods always showing to customers even if no range is valid
customer2.0.10Reordering feature allows customers to reorder past orders
customer2.0.10Saved cart feature allows customers to save carts and pick up them up later
customer2.0.10Fixed bug with addresses not being updated during checkout if separate shipping form
customer2.0.10Adjusting query for products in a category to fix bug related to ordering of the products
customer2.0.10SKU levels now being incremented when incomplete orders are deleted
customer2.0.10Fixed bug with attribute weights being added to the order item's total
customer2.0.10Fixed bug with one-way encrypted passwords being reset when updating customers
customer2.0.10Fixed bug to force taxes to be reprocessed during checkout if shipping not required
installer2.0.10Eliminating US Minor Outlying Islands from list of countries as it has no residents
customer2.0.9Fixing bug with taxable subtotal in BaseTaxProcessor when shipping is taxable
customer2.0.9Adding option to split checkout addresses and shipping selection to separate screens
customer2.0.9SKU discounts with a fixed amount now expanded by the quantity of the item
documentation2.0.9New sections on tracking inventory, and discounting in the Administrator guide
documentation2.0.9New sections on extending the application in the Developer's guide
customer2.0.8Struts actions nw using BaseForm whenever possible for easier extending
customer2.0.8Order history now paginated according to value of Order History Page size setting
customer2.0.8Pagination links on category screen now appear static with SEO settings turned on
customer2.0.8Fixed bug where customer delivery address was not being intitialized
customer2.0.8Forcing discounts, tax and shipping to be reprocessed on logging and logging out
customer2.0.8Missing forwards added to the OrderProcess Struts action
administrator2.0.8Splitting out the definition of the application version from header.jsp to version.jsp
administrator2.0.8Fixed bug in BasicTaxProcessor where taxes for a state were applied to all states
administrator2.0.8Tiles layouts enhanced for easier customization of admin templates
administrator2.0.8AuthorizeNetProcessor methods changed to protected so that they can be overridden
administrator2.0.8Value fields in payment edit form expanded to maxlength 32
documentation2.0.8New chapters added to Developer's Guide
customer2.0.7Fixed NullPointerException as customers login without having created a cart
documentation2.0.7API documentation updated from 1.x docs
customer2.0.7Hitslink interface now tracking thank you page in non-ecommerce mode
customer2.0.7More streamlined architecture in Struts customer accounts screens
customer2.0.7Processing discounts upon customer login and log out
customer2.0.7Fixed bug with SKU discounts not being added back into cart totals when editing items
administrator2.0.7Fixed breadcrumbing on Discount add screen integration
administrator2.0.6Fixed bug with NullPointerException while editing from the SKU control screen
customer2.0.6Redirecting back to cart screen if inventory adjustments are made during checkout
customer2.0.6Fixed bug with inventory processing at checkout if set to decrement on order completion
customer2.0.6Fixed bug with inventory messages not showing up during checkout
installer2.0.6Default inventory decrement behavior changed to 'on order completion'
all2.0.6Missing jar files added to the compile classpath of the build.xml file
all2.0.5Added the store address to the thank you screen, order details, and the admin invoice
customer2.0.5Fixed bug where shipping was not reprocessed after restarting the checkout process
customer2.0.5Fixed password update bug when customer password encryption set to one-way
customer2.0.5Coupon code removed from enteredCouponCodes session variable if not a match
customer2.0.5Fixed bugs with flat rate shipping methods not working
customer2.0.5Fixed class cast issue in attributesAndOptions.jsp on Resin
customer2.0.5Attribute-only SKUs not loaded if inventory and discounting are turned off
customer2.0.5Fixed bug with the CheckPaymentProcessor and the orderid foreign key
customer2.0.5Non-serializable payment processor no longer stored in session
administrator2.0.5Fixed bugs in the checkboxes of the shipping, payment, and tax settings forms
administrator2.0.5Password input type used for administrator passwords on the add/edit admin form
administrator2.0.5Fixed issues with long load times on the SKU control screen
administrator2.0.5Fixed bug with the unique index for state codes so that they are tied to the country
documentation2.0.5Updated installation and upgrade documentation
all2.0.4Implemented and tested enabling the Hibernate 2nd level cache for product information
all2.0.4Implemented and tested enabling the Hibernate query cache for product information
all2.0.4Added a number of info log messages to make it easier to use the info logging level
customer2.0.4Fixed bug on product screen and CartAdd action when attributes are marked inactive
customer2.0.4Relevant discounts tied to attribute-only SKUs now displayed on product pages
administrator2.0.4Fixed bug where running upgrades caused errors in Oracle
administrator2.0.4Text file import feature removed from menu due to bugs and database issues
installer2.0.4Adding skus and a discount to the product test data
administrator2.0.3Fixed bug with null settings in the Dao factory immediately after installation
administrator2.0.3Fixed bug in 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 upgrade script regarding npcSettings table
administrator2.0.3Upgrade process adapted to account for database table prefix setting
administrator2.0.3Fixed bug where a primary category could not be set to none from the control screen
administrator2.0.3Fixed bug where a parent category could not be set to none from the control screen
administrator2.0.3Fixed bug where a tax rate's state could not be set to any from the control screen
administrator2.0.3Fixed bugs regarding typos with admin roles in the administrator
administrator2.0.3Fixed bug where the built in categories setting could not be updated
administrator2.0.3Fixed bugs regarding broken breadcrumbing links in the orders area of the administrator
administrator2.0.3Discount settings split out on to a separate screen
administrator2.0.3Fixed bug with products link from category control screen and category detail screen
administrator2.0.3Feature to keep ordering fields in sync for product associations
customer2.0.3Fixed pagination issues on category screen
customer2.0.3Fixed bug in style.css and style.jsp where a:hover was defined before a:visited
customer2.0.3Fixed bug with broken category pagination links when an SEO suffix is used
customer2.0.3Discounting tested, and discounting display improved
customer2.0.3Coupon form and display settings added to cart screen, checkout screens
customer2.0.3Fixed bug in PayflowProProcessor where not requiring a security code caused error
documentation2.0.2Documentation made xhtml compliant
all2.0.2Default configurations for c3p0 adjusted to avoid mysql connection issues
all2.0.2Upgraded to mysql driver version 3.1.12
customer2.0.2Fixed bug in BasicTaxProcessor when a tax rate only applies to a country as a whole
administrator2.0.2Fixed bug with SMTP authentication
administrator2.0.2Fixed bug when clicking Products link from category detail page
administrator2.0.1SMTP user name and password added to allow for SMTP authentication
administrator2.0.1SKU builder added for bulk SKU creation
administrator2.0.1Text file imports of product information
administrator2.0.1Jump to page drop down added to all control screens
administrator2.0.1Delete and Assigned labels highlighted to check all rows at once
administrator2.0.1Logging in while already logged in no longer throws an error
administrator2.0.1List of built-in categories now a setting under System settings
administrator2.0.1Fixed bug on administrator control screen involving assignments param
all2.0.1Integration with Hibernate data persistance framework
all2.0.1Discounting framework (not fully tested in 2.0.1)
all2.0.1Inventory tracking including administration, display and processing
all2.0.1Related products including administration and display
all2.0.1Eliminated all Eclipse 3.1 compilation warnings
all2.0.1All beans made serializable for Hibernate lazy loading
all2.0.1Ability to sell virtual products as downloadable files
customer2.0.1Added setting to end session on order completion
customer2.0.1Product, category and other pages made XHTML compliant (using default templates)
customer2.0.1Explicitly setting sent date on all emails produced by the system
customer2.0.1Invoice and notification emails now use customizable JSP templates
customer2.0.1Checkout login screen conformed to rest of checkout screens
customer2.0.1Logging in while already logged in no longer throws an error
customer2.0.1Product and category not found errors no longer cause thrown Exception
customer2.0.1Default productList.jsp switched to display products in columns
customer2.0.1Attributes, options, and inventory displayed in compact form on product list pages
customer2.0.1Attributes broken up into separate tiles dynamically inserted by attributeType
customer2.0.1Several fixes and improvements made to attribute and option display
customer2.0.1Breadcrumbing on product, category and other pages
customer2.0.1Search results and product list organized by primary category
customer2.0.1Added extra order item fields, short description to email placeholders
customer2.0.1Employed JSTL tags in JSPs to reduce amount of scriptlets
customer2.0.1Facility to override MessageResources using -custom properties files
installer2.0.1PostgreSQL support
installer2.0.1Oracle support
installer2.0.1Fixed compilation warnings regarding

* Patched in 2.0.7 very shortly after its initial release.

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