Package com.softslate.commerce.customer.core

Provides basic interfaces, classes and utilities used by all the other packages in the Struts layer.

BaseForm and BaseDynaForm extend the Struts ActionForm and DynaActionForm respectively. They provide several properties common to all of the Web requests the application receives, to help the action classes communicate with the rest of the application.

The interfaces ActionUtils and FormUtils, and their corresponding implementations, provide useful utility methods that assist with processing actions and validatidating forms, respectively.

ConfigPlugIn is a Struts PlugIn that initializes singleton objects in the servlet's application scope, for use throughout the system.

LayoutAction is a Tiles controller that is run just before the response is returned to the user. Its two main functions are to set the HTML title for the page being displayed, and to update the paths of the Tiles attributes if a custom layout is being displayed.

SEOFilter is a Java Servlet Filter that translates search-engine friendly URLs into URL formats understood by the application. AppLinkTag does the reverse: it is an extention of the Struts link tag which generates search-engine friendly links.

AppInsertTag is an extension of the Tiles insert tag which provides additional functionality for custom layouts.

HibernateFilter is a Java Servlet Filter implementing the ThreadLocal model for Hibernate sessions. It handles making sure every Hibernate transaction is closed cleanly.

AppMessageResources and AppMessageResourcesFactory extend the Struts MessageResources facility to make it easier to create custom messages for the application, without the danger that the custom messages will be overridden by a future upgrade.

Finally, BaseRequestProcessor is the application's extension of the Struts TilesRequestProcessor. It does a variety of initializations and other processing at the beginning of every request. In addition it overrides Struts' default exception handling to assist with logging and debugging. Its child class, CustomerRequestProcessor, initializes variables used specifically in the customer interface.

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