Interface PaymentProcessor

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
IPayPalDirectPaymentProcessor, IPayPalExpressPaymentProcessor
All Known Implementing Classes:
AuthorizeNetProcessor, BasePaymentProcessor, BasePayPalNVPProcessor, BasicPaymentProcessor, CheckPaymentProcessor, PayflowLinkProcessor, PayflowProACHProcessor, PayflowProProcessor, PayPalDirectProcessor, PayPalExpressProcessor, PayPalUKDirectProcessor, PayPalUKExpressProcessor

public interface PaymentProcessor
extends BusinessObject

Interface for objects that are able to process payments in the store. Custom payment processors must simply implement PaymentProcessor. (Although it may be useful also to extend BasePaymentProcessor.)

To change or add to the list of payment processors currently active in the system, modify the "activePaymentProcessors" setting in the file.

During checkout the Struts layer loops through each of the "activePaymentFormTemplates" to display a set of payment forms for the user. Based on the form that user chooses to submit, the Struts layer calls the "activePaymentProcessor" that corresponds to it. It invokes the processPayment(Map) method to process the submission. The incoming Map contains the various input parameters submitted by the user.

There is one default "activePaymentProcessor": BasicPaymentProcessor.

David Tobey

Method Summary
 java.util.Map processPayment(java.util.Map parameters)
          Process the payment for the current user's order.
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Method Detail


java.util.Map processPayment(java.util.Map parameters)
                             throws java.lang.Exception
Process the payment for the current user's order. The incoming Map contains the various input parameters submitted by the user.

parameters - A Map containing the values of the user's submitted payment information.
A Map containing a least one key named "resultCode", which contains a String parsable into an int, representing the results of the processing. 0 for the resultCode indicates success. Optionally, the Map may include additional keys, such as "resultMessage", a string describing the results of the processing.

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