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Chapter 7. Configuring Payments

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Payflow Pro Advanced Settings

SoftSlate Commerce is distributed with several types of payment processors. The Basic Payment Processor allows you to capture credit card information for each order. When combined with two-way encryption (see the Security Settings Encryption Settings screen), you can store the information in the database in encrypted format, and later retrieve it from the Payments screen for each order under the Orders and Customers -> Orders screen. This is useful if your store needs to process credit cards through a separate, offline system.

SoftSlate Commerce also integrates with PayPal's Payflow Link and Payflow Pro products to provide online credit card processing in real time. You must establish an account with PayPal and enter login information into the Payment Configuration -> Payflow Link or Payment Configuration -> Payflow Pro settings screens for these processors to work.


Several of the fields on the Payment Configuration -> Payflow Link and Payment Configuration -> Payflow Pro screens accept placeholders that are replaced with dynamic values for each customer's order. For a list of accepted placeholders, refer to the Template Placeholders Reference section.

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