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SoftSlate Commerce is designed to be completely agnostic in terms of what tools you decide to use for your development environment. The directory structure of the application matches the structure of any Java web application conforming to the latest servlet specification. This means that most Java IDEs supporting web development should recognize and support the application.

This said, we realize that in practice some Java IDEs have different requirements or expectations. Many IDEs are designed to be used for developing applications from scratch, rather than starting with an existing code base, as you will be with SoftSlate Commerce. For this reason, we won't attempt to provide instructions for using SoftSlate Commerce with all sorts of IDE's, whose features and requirements may change. Nor do we dictate the environment you must use. Instead we'll simply provide insight into the tools we use to develop and customize SoftSlate Commerce, in the hopes that it's helpful.

As of this writing the SoftSlate Commerce development team uses the following tools as a development environment:

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