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Installing SoftSlate Commerce Manually

It is possible to install SoftSlate Commerce manually without using the Installer tool. Sometimes this is more convenient (or even necessary), especially if you're having trouble with the installer tool. To install manually, follow these steps:

  1. Create the empty database to be used for SoftSlate Commerce.

  2. Initialize the database objects by running each of the create*.sql files followed by the insert.sql files under the subdirectories of the WEB-INF/classes/resources directory. E.g. WEB-INF/classes/resources/core/create_mysql.sql, etc. These files create and insert the database objects needed by SoftSlate Commerce.

  3. Run update commands to set the URL settings in the sscSetting table according to where your installation lives:

    mysql>use softslate;
    mysql>update sscSetting set mediumValue='<base customer URL>' 
          where code = 'customerURL';
    mysql>update sscSetting set mediumValue='<base secure customer URL>' 
          where code = 'customerSecureURL';
    mysql>update sscSetting set mediumValue='<base administrator URL>' 
          where code = 'administratorURL';
  4. Insert a record into the sscAdministrator table, so you have an admin login:

    mysql>insert into sscAdministrator (userName, password, isActive, class) 
    		values ('myusername', 'mypassword', 1, 
  5. Assign the admin user to the superuser role:

    mysql>insert into sscAdministratorRole (administratorID, roleID, class) values (1, 1, 
  6. Update the security setting for admin passwords so you can login without an encrypted password:

    mysql>update sscSetting set smallValue='noEncryption' 
    		where code = 'administratorEncryptionType';

    You can change this setting back to being encrypted in the Security Settings -> Encryption Settings screen, but you have edit the password in the administrator immediately after you do that to encrypt it.

  7. To configure the database connection settings manually, edit the WEB-INF/classes/ file located under the SoftSlate Commerce installation directory. Add the database name, username, password, and other settings.

  8. Edit WEB-INF/classes/ Set the "databaseType" property to one of the following: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL.

  9. Restart your application server.

  10. The last thing is to generate the two-way encryption key, if you plan to use two-way encryption for customer password and credit card information (which is the default). The only way to do this currently is to run the installer. Since the installer creates the key before trying to set up the database, even if you get errors during the installer, it should already have created the key for you. So, run the installer once to create the key.

  11. Finally, last but not least, edit WEB-INF/classes/ again. Add the following line, which locks the installer from being used:


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