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Chapter 8. Managing Orders

SoftSlate Commerce provides tools to help you manage your orders after they come in from your customers. Among the tools includes the ability to add and remove items to each order; add and remove coupons to the order; update the selected shipping method for the order; and edit billing and shippping information. Each of these tools is triggered from the the order's Overview screen (Orders -> Overview link). For each of the tools, the discount, inventory, tax, and shipping calculations are reprocessed automatically.


When an item is added or removed or otherwise edited, the system will reprocess the order according to the current discount, inventory, tax, and shipping settings and configurations. It will not reprocess it according to the settings in effect at the time the order was originally placed. Here are some details about how the processing of completed orders works:

  • Inventory levels will be decremented or incremented appropriately as items are added and removed. However, keep in mind the system will honor the inventory levels currently in effect, which means that adding an item may fail it if it is out of stock. If adding an item fails for inventory reasons, discounts, taxes and shipping will not be reprocessed.
  • If the inventory levels are ok, as discounts are reprocessed, if the discount requires the customer to have been logged in and the customer account is still in the system, the system will recognize the customer account (including its user name and status if the discount has those as requirements). The "max times used" and "total of previous orders" parameters for the discount will appropriately not include the order being edited in determining whether or not to apply the discount. If a discount requires a coupon code, the coupon codes attached to the original order will be preserved and taken into account. To determine if the discount has expired or started, the date the original order was placed will be used instead of the current date and time. However, if the discount has been marked inactive or was deleted since the time the original order was placed, or if its ranges have been adjusted so that the order no longer qualifies, it will be removed from the order as it is edited.
  • Similarly, new discounts that did not exist or were not active at the time the order was originally placed will appear if they now apply to the order at the time it is being edited.
  • Taxes will be reprocessed each time an item is added or removed, and each time the delivery address is edited. If the tax rates have changed from the time the order was originally placed, the tax amount will change.
  • Shipping will also be reprocessed each time an item is added or removed, and each time the delivery address is edited. The system will attempt to use the shipping method originally chosen by the customer when reprocessing shipping. However, if a shipping rule restricts that method from being used, or if the method no longer applies for another reason, the system will prompt you to pick another, valid method.

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