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Next Steps

Now that you've gone through the process of placing your first order, there are probably some more steps you need to take to get the store set up the way you want it.

  1. Outgoing Emails. SoftSlate Commerce produces two emails each time an order is completed, one that goes to the customer as a receipt and one that goes to an address or addresses of your chosing as a notification of the new order. In order to enable these outgoing emails, you must set up the store's Outgoing Email settings on the Store Settings -> Outgoing Emails screen.
  2. Shipping Options. By default, shipping is turned off when you first install the application. A common step you will want to take is to set up shipping options under the Tax, Shipping, and Payments -> Shipping Configuration -> Shipping Methods area. Once the methods are set up you must also change the "Is a Shipping Selection Required?" setting from no to yes, under Tax, Shipping, and Payments -> Shipping Configuration -> Shipping Settings.
  3. Payment Options. By default after installation, SoftSlate Commerce uses the "Basic Payment Processor" to process credit card information submitted by your customers. This module simply performs some basic validation of the information and then encrypts the information and stores it in the database for you to retrieve later. You can retrieve the information by navigating to Orders and Customers -> Orders -> Details -> Payments -> Details for each order. SoftSlate Commerce also integrates with a number of payment gateway services for real-time credit card processing such as and PayPal Website Payments Pro. Enabling these services requires you to first establish an account with the service you'd like to use, and then to enter in some account details on the appropriate Administrator screen under Payment Configuration.

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