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Version 3.4.0

As part of the API support in version 3.4.0, API requests to /api are processed. Enabling /api URLs however requires changes to web.xml. Since web.xml is not distributed with upgrades, those users upgrading from previous versions should add the following configuration to their web.xml file above the filter tag for the Administrator Filter:

    <filter-name>API Filter</filter-name>

And also the following configuration directly above the <filter-mapping> tag for the Administrator Filter:

    <filter-name>API Filter</filter-name>

If you are upgrading and plan to enable the new Suggestions (auto-completion) feature, the application will attempt to include a custom CSS file that allows you to customize the look of the auto-completion pop up box. Since custom files are excluded from upgrade distributions, the browser will fail to find the file which will produce a 404 (file not found error) on the server. While this will not affect the user experience, it may clog up server logs. To avoid the errors, simply create an empty file at this location: /css/custom/typeahead-custom.css. If desired, add custom CSS definitions there to override the ones distributed in the default file, /css/base-html5/typeahead.css.

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