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Version 3.1.0

With the upgrade to Struts 1.3.10, the struts.jar file and jakarta-oro.jar files that are distributed in the /WEB-INF/lib directory should be removed as you upgrade. They are replaced in Struts 1.3.10 with struts-core.jar, oro.jar and other jar files, which are included in the upgrade.

In addition the new Payflow Pro API is included in this release and the old Verisign.jar file should also be removed from /WEB-INF/lib. (It is replaced by payflow.jar.)

It is always a good practice when upgrading to remove compiled JSP servlets that the application server has compiled. With Tomcat this is done by cleaning out the work directory where the JSP files are compiled to. With the upgrade to 3.1, it is especially important because of certain changes made with the upgrade to the Struts library.

Lines 18 through 21 of /WEB-INF/layouts/default/order/orderEmails.jsp and the same file under default-xhtml changed due to the Struts upgrade. If you have created a custom version of orderEmails.jsp you must merge the change into your custom template or you will not received order notification emails and your customers will not receive order confirmation emails.

Update lines 18 through 21 of your custom version of orderEmails.jsp with the following (note the variables are now referenced through the pageContext object).

request.setAttribute("thankYouHTMLPage", AppUtils.alterURI((String) pageContext.getAttribute("thankYouHTML"), layout, pageContext.getServletContext()));
request.setAttribute("thankYouTextPage", AppUtils.alterURI((String) pageContext.getAttribute("thankYouText"), layout, pageContext.getServletContext()));
request.setAttribute("notificationHTMLPage", AppUtils.alterURI((String) pageContext.getAttribute("notificationHTML"), layout, pageContext.getServletContext()));
request.setAttribute("notificationTextPage", AppUtils.alterURI((String) pageContext.getAttribute("notificationText"), layout, pageContext.getServletContext()));

With new Payflow Pro API included in this release, the Vendor setting is now required whereas before it was optional. After doing the upgrade, if you are using Payflow Pro, you must add a value for the "Payflow Vendor" setting in the Administrator. In most cases the value of the Payflow Vendor setting should be exactly the same as the Payflow User value. Update the setting by navigating to Payment Configuration -> PayPal Payflow Pro -> Payflow Pro Settings.

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