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Dynamic Font Styles

When you first install SoftSlate Commerce it is configured by default to use the font and color styles defined dynamically in the administrator, under the Settings -> Styles screen. If you only need to make limited changes to the store's look-and-feel, consider simply using this screen in the administrator.

Settings -> Styles Screen

To see these settings at work, follow these steps to make a sample change:

Example 10.1. Changing the Body Font Size

  1. Log into the SoftSlate Commerce administrator and navigate to the Settings -> Styles screen.
  2. Make sure the very first setting, "Use Dynamic Styles" is set to yes. If it is set to no, none of your changes will take effect.
  3. As an example, change the "Body Font Size" setting to a larger size, for example 12 or 13, and click "Save".
  4. Navigate to the store's welcome screen (/softslate). You should see that the font size for much of the text on the screen is now larger.
  5. In a similar way, you can make changes to all the various color settings, font weight settings ("bold" or "normal"), and font-style settings ("italic" or "normal").


Explore the various types of fonts defined in the Settings -> Styles screen. Specific text on various screens throughout the store is often controlled by a separate set of font settings.

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