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Guide for Administrators

Table of Contents

1. Installing SoftSlate Commerce
Overview and System Requirements
Download SoftSlate Commerce
Create an Empty Database
Upload and Deploy SoftSlate Commerce
Run the SoftSlate Commerce Installer
Installation Troubleshooting
Using a Web Server To Handle Non-Java Requests
Installation Procedure for Ensim Servers
2. Getting Started
Adding Your First Product
Placing a Test Order
Viewing Your Test Order
3. Important Settings
Email Template Settings
Currency Code Setting
Shipping Selection Required Setting
Security Code Required Setting
Default Layout Setting
Security Settings
4. Using the Administrator
The Administrator Control Screen
Saving Time with the Administrator Control Screen
Making Assignments
5. Configuring Taxes
Basic Tax Rates
6. Configuring Shipping
Flat Rate Shipping Methods
Quantity-Based Shipping Tables
Weight-Based Shipping Tables
Price-Based Shipping Tables
7. Configuring Payments
Payflow Pro Advanced Settings
8. Template Placeholders
Template Placeholders Reference
9. Upgrading SoftSlate Commerce
Upgrading Overview
Important: Read This Before Upgrading
Upgrade Procedure
A. Change Log
B. Release Notes
Version 1.0.11
Version 1.0.8

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