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Using CSS Stylesheets Instead of Dynamic Styles

When you first install SoftSlate Commerce it is configured by default to use the font and color styles defined in the administrator, under the Settings -> Styles screen.

However, if you are familiar with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) it is best to turn off dynamic styles and use a CSS stylesheet directly to define your store's styles.

SoftSlate Commerce comes with a stylesheet named style.css, which is located inside the /css directory of SoftSlate Commerce. This stylesheet contains all the default style settings used in the store.

To change the store so that it uses style.css directly follow these steps:

Example 10.2. Setting the Store to Use CSS Stylesheets

  1. Log into the SoftSlate Commerce administrator and navigate to the Settings -> Styles screen.
  2. Change the very first setting, "Use Dynamic Styles" to no, and click "Save".

You could edit style.css directly to change your font styles. However, we strongly recommend you leave style.css unmodified. If you upgrade your copy of SoftSlate Commerce in the future, the style.css file may be modified or overridden by the upgrade process. Instead, place your custom styles in the styles-custom.css file, also located in the /css directory. You can do so safely without fear that your changes will be overridden with a future upgrade. Since the style-custom.css file is included after the style.css file, styles you define there will take precedence.

Using the CSS stylesheets gives your store a performance benefit, since most browsers will cache CSS files, whereas with dynamic styles, a second request must be made to the server with each page hit to retrieve the dynamic styles produced from the administrator settings.


Initially the style.css stylesheet matches the dynamic settings defined in the administrator when SoftSlate Commerce was first installed. It does not carry over any changes you may have made to the settings in the administrator.

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