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Price-Based Shipping Tables

Many stores find they need to correspond the shipping costs they charge to the total price of the customer's order. For example, let's suppose you would like to reward customers who make large purchases in your store by offering free shipping on orders of $200 or more. You can set this up quite easily by creating a shipping method with a "Price Table" method type.

Example 6.4. Offering Free Shipping on Large Orders

  1. Navigate to the Shipping Configuration -> Shipping Methods screen.
  2. Click "Add New Record" to add the shipping method.
  3. Use "Free Shipping for Orders Over $200" for the name of the method, "FREE" for the code.
  4. Leave Minimum Charge at 0, and leave the Base Charge at 0.


    Leave dollar signs or other currency symbols off when entering price values.

  5. Under Method Type, select "Price Table".
  6. Click "Add New Record" to add the new method to the store.
  7. Navigate back to the Shipping Configuration -> Shipping Methods screen.
  8. You should see your new method listed in the table at the center of the screen.
  9. Click the "Rates" link next to the new method to add your free shipping rate to the method.
  10. Click "Add New Record" from the "Rates" screen to add a range corresponding to the free shipping offer.
  11. Use 200 for the floor of the range, and 0 as the ceiling, and use 0 for the amount of this range.

    This tells the store to use this rate if the total price of items in the user's cart is greater or equal to 200, up to infinity (0 as the ceiling means no upper limit).

  12. Click "Add New Record" to add the rate to the shipping method.

Now when a customer goes through checkout the store will check to see if the total price of items in the order is greater or equal to 200. If it is, it will display this method, "Free Shipping for Orders Over $200", as one of the options for the customer to choose.


No shipping methods will show up during checkout to users unless you have switched the "Is a Shipping Selection Required?" setting from no to yes on the Settings -> Logic screen. For more details, refer to the section on the Shipping Selection Required Setting.

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