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Virtual Products

With 2.x, SoftSlate Commerce supports selling "virtual products," or products that are downloadable as files after purchase. Examples include a music store selling mp3 files, or a software vendor selling downloadable software programs.

After a customer places an order for a virtual product, he can log in and download any number of files associated with the products he's bought. The files are only available to customers who have created an account, after logging in. For this reason, you should consider setting the "Force Login on Orders" setting to true on the Settings -> Logic screen if you're selling virtual products.

Here is a summary of how to set up virtual products:

  1. In the Administrator, create a product as you would any other product, by navigating to Products -> Products -> Add New Record.

  2. Go into the details screen of the new product ( Products -> Products -> Details). You'll see one of the links across the top is for "File Downloads". Click that to create a file associated with the product.

  3. The fields you're filling in are:

  4. Now as a customer you can place an order for the product. After placing the order, browse to "" for the download screen, where you should see a link to download all the files associated with the products in the order.

  5. You'll probably want to add a link to the download screen to the customer account menu. Create a custom version of the /WEB-INF/layouts/default/customer/accountMenu.jsp file to display the link to (By default the link is not displayed because most stores don't have virtual products.) Copy this file into the /WEB-INF/layouts/custom/customer directory and add the link to the menu and it should appear in the customer's account area, next to the links to edit the account settings.

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