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Enterprise Edition

Price: $7,490.00/year

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The powerful, full-featured, customizable Java ecommerce solution. The Enterprise Edition includes the entire source code for SoftSlate Commerce and the full suite of Enterprise features.

The Enterprise Edition Includes:

  • The application as a war or zip file, immediately downloadable upon purchase.
  • All of the application's source code, configuration files, templates, etc. You get everything we have!
  • All the features described in our Feature List. Every feature available is included.
  • The SoftSlate Commerce Administrator interface.
  • The SoftSlate Commerce Installer interface.
  • License to use one copy of SoftSlate Commerce on one production server and one copy on one staging server.
  • License to use SoftSlate Commerce on an unlimited number of local development servers.
  • License to modify the entire SoftSlate Commerce source code for your own needs, in perpetuity.
  • Eclipse project files. (With the zip file, use File -> Import ... -> General -> Existing Project into Workspace, and you're off and running.)
  • The ability to customize and extend the application according to our Simple Rules.
  • Access to the API documentation and the User Guide, which are publically available from our documentation page.
  • A set of test product data allowing you experiment with the same set of products and categories used in our demo store.

Note about upgrading to the Hosted Enterprise Edition:

  • You may purchase the Enterprise Edition license along with hosting by buying the Hosted Enterprise Edition now. However, if you are undecided and you choose to go with the hosted version at a later time, contact us and we'll charge you just the difference (and help you set up your store with your existing project).

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