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Custom Development

Custom Shopping Cart Features

Whether you need a special report on the purchasing behavior of your customers, or your products carry custom attributes that affect how they are displayed online, nearly every ecommerce store has unique needs. What makes your store unique? Whatever the feature, SoftSlate Commerce is designed from the ground up to be customized to meet the need, and in such a way that future upgrades can still be applied to your installation. And who better than the authors of SoftSlate Commerce themselves to perform the customizations? You'll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently we can extend the application and accommodate the most complex business rules and custom features.

Integration with Outside Applications

Do you have an offline application that you want to continue to use to manage your product catalog? How about order fulfillment? Do you need to merge captured orders or new customer accounts with a separate application? We can help with all sorts of integrations with outside systems of all kinds. We have experience integrating data through the traditional means of flat file import and exports, through the more modern technique of XML Web Services, and through direct access of the SoftSlate database.

Ready to Get Started?

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