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3.5.0 Released

May 17, 2019—API Improvements; Integration Revamp; Email Templates; and More!

SoftSlate Commerce 3.5.0 Released

SoftSlate is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of SoftSlate Commerce, version 3.5.0. The new features in this release include API improvements, a newly revamped integration with, new email templates, as well as a number of other features and fixes. For a complete list of changes between 3.4.2 and 3.5.0 visit the Change Log.

API Improvements

A number of new API endpoints are included with this release, among them a set of endpoints that allow developers to create and make changes to orders using the same functions as in the Administrator interface. The new endpoints include:

Administrative - CRUD Operations:

  • /discount (view, add, edit, and delete)
  • /discount/list
  • /option (view, add, edit, and delete)
  • /option/list
  • /sku/assign
  • /payment (view, add, edit, and delete)
  • /payment/list

Administrative - Order Management Operations:

  • /addItem
  • /addCoupon
  • /editOrderAddresses
  • /processPayment

The documentation for all API calls is available for the demo store here: To enable and set up the new API, Administrators should visit the API documentation page for full details:

With this release we're considering our API to be out of beta and fully released. Integration Revamp

Version 3.5.0 features a completely revamped and updated integration with Here are the key highlights:

  • The integration has been updated to use the latest version of's API.
  • The configuration and settings have been simplified. In the Administrator simply select the integration method: Accept.js, Accept Hosted, or Server to Server.
  • Customer profiles are supported by all three integration methods. Customers may choose to store their payment information and select a prior credit card or ACH details for future orders.
  • Customers may also review, modify, and delete payment profiles from their account area (if allowed by the Administrator settings).
  • Note: If you are upgrading and currently use, please review the important steps in the Release Notes for 3.5.0.

Email Template Improvements

We have developed new email templates for various emails the system produces, all of which are now configurable as Velocity templates via the Administrator under Emails -> Templates. Among the changes includes a much-improved design for the Order Confirmation emails. Here are the new and improved email templates:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Order Notification
  • Gift Certificate
  • Lost Password
  • Complete Password Reset

Note: If you are upgrading and wish to switch to the new templates, select "no" for the "Use Legacy JSP Order Email Templates?" setting on the Store Settings -> Outgoing Emails screen.

Other New Features in Version 3.5.0

  • Email Activation for Customer Registration. When enabled, new Customers must enter their email address and click an emailed link before completing registration, to ensure they own the email address they are registering with. (Security Settings -> Customer Security Settings -> Require Email Activation for New Registrations).
  • Incomplete Orders Job: Administrators can enable a Job to automatically remove older abandoned carts on a periodic basis, to save resources. (Scheduled Jobs -> Incomplete Orders Job).
  • Admin and Customer Session Timeouts. Administrators can now control how many minutes of inactivity can pass before a user's session is closed by the server. There are two separate settings: one for Customers and one for Admins. (Security Settings -> Session Management Settings).
  • YouTube Videos and Iframes on the Product Page. Administrators now have the ability to add content in Iframes to the lightbox popup on product pages, including YouTube videos. (Product Details -> More -> Iframes/Videos tab).
  • Numerous other bug fixes and small improvements, as outlined in the Change Log.

Downloading the Upgrade:

To download the Enterprise Edition upgrade, log in to your SoftSlate Store account at this URL: If you do not have an account, you may place an order for the Enterprise Edition starting here:

Upgrading From 3.4.2 to 3.5.0:

The upgrade process from 3.4.2 to 3.5.0 is the same as for any other minor upgrade, however, you must review the Release Notes here and take care to make any necessary changes to customizations you've made as you upgrade: For complete instructions on how to perform an upgrade, please refer to the upgrade guide here: