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SoftSlate Emailer

SoftSlate has teamed up with a popular and proven 3rd party email management service to create SoftSlate Emailer. With SoftSlate Emailer, you can create email marketing campaigns, manage all the subscribers who have signed up to receive your emails, and view rich reporting about how your subscribers interact with your emails, all from a simple, easy-to-use interface. You pay nothing to sign up for the service. Email campaigns are billed at the time you send your emails: $7.50 per campaign, plus just $0.02 per recipient.

SoftSlate Emailer Snapshot

Best of all, we've fully integrated the service with SoftSlate Commerce. With SoftSlate Commerce version 3.1.5 and later, you may define various ways the store communicates new subscribers to your SoftSlate Emailer account. Subscribers may sign up from the built-in Contact Form, during customer registration, or during checkout. You may specify multiple lists for your visitors to sign up for, and can launch the SoftSlate Emailer interface from within the SoftSlate Commerce Administrator.

SoftSlate Contact Form Settings

To sign up for and enable SoftSlate Emailer, be sure you're running SoftSlate Commerce 3.1.5 or later, and navigate to Orders and Customers -> SoftSlate Emailer -> Launch SoftSlate Emailer.