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Appendix B. Release Notes

Table of Contents

Version 3.5.2
Enabling Security Headers
TinyMCE API Key Required
Version 3.5.1
Enabling Liquibase Integration
Version 3.5.0
MySQL Driver Class Configuration (Important!)
Modules Required for JDK 9
Changes Required If Customizing
Changes Required If Using Accept.js
Change Required in Custom orderDetails.jsp
Refactor of Customer Registration Java Methods
Remove Compiled JSP Files If Removing Files
Version 3.4.2
Customer Password Security Features
Version 3.4.0
API Filter Configuration in web.xml
Custom Typeahead CSS File
Version 3.3.5
Implementing Envers
Version 3.3.3
New sscProduct.created Field
Remove Old Jar Files
Add Necessary Hibernate EhCache Factory Setting to
Remove Old File
Version 3.3.2
HTML5 Default JSP Templates Based on Twitter Bootstrap
Version 3.3.1
Change to web.xml
Remove Compiled JSP Files
New Custom Configuration Files
New Fields in sscAdministrator
Interface Changes in Business Objects and DAOs
Version 3.3.0
Change to web.xml
Version 3.2.7
JDK version
Change to web.xml
Version 3.1.0
Remove Old .jar Files
Remove Compiled JSP Files
Change to orderEmails.jsp
Update Payflow Pro Vendor Setting
Version 3.0.3
Remove softslate.jar File when Upgrading the Free Edition
No More .tar Files
Change to web.xml
Version 3.0.0
Copy to
JSP templates related to
Changes to custom Hibernate mappings files
Change to web.xml
Administrator Changes
Interface Changes
Version 2.x
Version 2.3.5
Version 2.3.2
Version 2.3.1
Version 2.2.1
Version 2.1.1
Version 2.0.10
Version 2.0.9
Version 2.0.7
Version 2.0.5
Version 1.0.11
Version 1.0.8

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