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Appendix A. Change Log

all		1.0.14	Free Edition product limit increased from 25 to 100
all		1.0.14	Improvements and clarifications in file
customer     	1.0.14	State field not required if user chooses a country that allows "other" states
customer     	1.0.14	Improvements in email validations
customer     	1.0.14	Fixed bug where taxes on shipping could be applied more than once
customer     	1.0.14	Fixed error message when an invalid quantity is added to the cart
customer     	1.0.13	Added image order item field, several attribute fields to the email placeholder list
customer     	1.0.13	Fixed bugs related to using the 'Other' field for the state in address forms
documentation	1.0.13	Updated template placeholder documentation
documentation	1.0.13	New design for documentation header
administrator	1.0.12	Fixed bug with reset value for in the Administrator menu
customer     	1.0.12	Fixed bug in end user's build.xml file related to jar file name changes
customer     	1.0.12	Fixed bug with account menu not going away immediately upon logging out
customer     	1.0.12	Switched in new SoftSlate logos for header and footer
customer     	1.0.12	Added the log in screen to the checkout breadcrumbing
all		1.0.11	Interface changes: adding Map return values, etc. (see release notes)
all		1.0.11	Product limit for Free Edition changed to 25
documentation	1.0.11	Simple rules for customizations
all		1.0.10	Short description, extra fields added to order item object
all		1.0.10	Additional extra fields for orders, order delivs, customers, and cust. addresses
all		1.0.10	Custom product settings and category settings
customer     	1.0.10	Customers can edit attribute selections on the edit cart item screen
customer     	1.0.10	Fixed bug with shipping options on the single screen order form
administrator	1.0.9	Added ids for display for most objects
administrator	1.0.9	Incorporated new NetPush Order drivers
administrator	1.0.9	Delete function on the edit screen for all objects
administrator	1.0.9	Fixed bug when initializing states and countries after update
administrator	1.0.9	On/off Edit Mode button more intuitive
administrator	1.0.9	Fixed bug when viewing the orders for a given customer
administrator	1.0.9	Editing an item in the administrator takes you back to the control screen
administrator	1.0.9	Admin control screen form parameters stored in session, and serializable
administrator	1.0.9	Filtering items on the control screen reverts display to first page
all		1.0.9	Product limit check for compiled build
all		1.0.9	Adjustments to SEO feature to allow for one subdirectory level in URL's
customer     	1.0.9	Fixed bug so the create new account form repopulates on validation errors
installer    	1.0.9	Fixed bug in basic installer regarding encryption type settings
administrator	1.0.8	Address field settings set to empty string rather than null if empty
administrator	1.0.8	Delete expired orders function
all		1.0.8	Upgraded MySQL driver to 3.0.16-ga
all		1.0.8	Renamed mysql, jtds, common-codec, and struts-menu .jar files
all		1.0.8	Integrated Apache commons codec for MD5 hashes
customer     	1.0.8	Fixed bug when adding inactive or nonexistant product to cart
customer     	1.0.8	fixed bug when processing single screen order form and payment not required
customer     	1.0.8	Forcing order total to 2 decimal places after taxes
customer     	1.0.8	Request attribute "loggedIn" representing if the user is logged in or not
customer     	1.0.8	Sensitive data removed from debug level log messages
customer     	1.0.8	CategoryBean made serializable for session's current category
customer     	1.0.8	Links around the powered by logo
customer     	1.0.8	Bug with single-page order form when a payment error occurs
installer    	1.0.8	Removing index.jsp from the upgrade distributions so it can be customized
administrator	1.0.7	Prevent PayflowPro advanced processing/ logout processing upon logins
administrator	1.0.7	Product and category additional extra fields
administrator	1.0.7	JavaScript error on login form fixed
administrator	1.0.7	Hitslink interface
customer     	1.0.7	Payflow Pro integration (testing completed)
customer     	1.0.7	Product and category page keywords and descriptions
customer     	1.0.7	Fixed single-screen order form
customer     	1.0.7	JavaScript to prevent duplicate form submissions
administrator	1.0.6	Support for application rebranding
customer     	1.0.6	Support for application rebranding
documentation	1.0.6	Updated Ensim install docs
documentation	1.0.6	Support for application rebranding
installer    	1.0.6	Support for application rebranding
administrator	1.0.5	Ported all JSP templates to work with Tomcat 4.0
administrator	1.0.5	Ported all JSP templates to work with WebLogic 8.1
customer     	1.0.5	Streamlined styles.jsp and styles.css
customer     	1.0.5	Ported all JSP templates to work with Tomcat 4.0
customer     	1.0.5	Ported all JSP templates to work with WebLogic 8.1
customer     	1.0.5	Product page can use bean named 'product' or 'productForm'
documentation	1.0.5	Expanded documentation for installing SoftSlate Commerce
installer    	1.0.5	Linking installer to the documentation
installer    	1.0.5	Fixing line endings for shell scripts
installer    	1.0.5	Create streamlined, basic installer vs. 'advanced' version
installer    	1.0.5	Ported all JSP templates to work with Tomcat 4.0
administrator	1.0.4	Upgrades screen, for database objects upgrades
administrator	1.0.4	General tax settings screen
administrator	1.0.4	General shipping settings screen
administrator	1.0.4	Payflow Pro settings and advanced settings
administrator	1.0.4	Integration of documentation with the Administrator
administrator	1.0.4	Eliminate lazy images in admin menu
administrator	1.0.4	General payment settings screen
administrator	1.0.4	Payflow link settings screen
customer     	1.0.4	Billing and delivery address field validations (zip, phone, and email)
customer     	1.0.4	Payflow Link integration
customer     	1.0.4	Payment processors now return a Map that includes a 'resultCode', not just an int
customer     	1.0.4	Fix visited link color
documentation	1.0.4	Guide for Administrators first version completed
installer    	1.0.4	Created insert.sql files for each module, to eliminate duplications
installer    	1.0.3	If key already exists, don't overwrite, add message explaining it
installer    	1.0.3	Eliminate 'other' fields in the db settings screen
administrator	1.0.2	Making warning on security settings page red and bold
administrator	1.0.2	Clicking Unassigned/Assigned buttons should reset page to first page
administrator	1.0.2	Change "top menu" style label to "nav bar menu"
administrator	1.0.2	Change "Header BG Color" to "Grid Header BG Color"
administrator	1.0.2	Explain more precisely what the button styles affect (what's a button)
administrator	1.0.2	Bug using filter on orders screen in MySQL
customer     	1.0.2	Make links from order history to product page unsecure
customer     	1.0.2	Tomcat 4 compatibility changes
customer     	1.0.2	Adding files that will not be overridden with upgrades
customer     	1.0.2	If basket total is 0, do not require payment
customer     	1.0.2	Add hot links to product names in order history
customer     	1.0.2	Compute taxes to two, not four decimal places
customer     	1.0.2	Powered by SoftSlate Commerce logo in default footer
customer     	1.0.2	In attributesAndOptions.jsp, remove HTML filter from attribute and option names
customer     	1.0.2	In attributesAndOptions.jsp, display an attribute price only if it isn't 0.00
customer     	1.0.2	Moving the final order processing away from BasePaymentProcessor
customer     	1.0.2	Eliminate body link styles in style.css/ add style-custom.css
installer    	1.0.2	Create stylesheet color db settings under 'styles' not 'display'
administrator	1.0.1	Dashboard statistics - all time orders - fixed
administrator	1.0.1	Dashboard statistics - last 30 days - fixed
administrator	1.0.1	Built-in categories reloaded after product assignments
administrator	1.0.1	Message/error background uses static stylesheet
administrator	1.0.1	Updating an order now keeps the customerID with the record
customer     	1.0.1	Custom layouts fixed - new tag for tiles:insert looks for custom templates first
customer     	1.0.1	Problem in attributesAndOptions.jsp fixed for drop down attributes
customer     	1.0.1	Comment identifying the file name in layout.jsp fixed
customer     	1.0.1	HTML filter set to false for product and category names so they can use HTML
documentation	1.0.1	Getting started -> adding first product: split out last step into sub-steps
documentation	1.0.1	Using styles.css: change to explain how to use styles-custom.css instead
installer    	1.0.1	Key generation and test connection proceed even if error ocurrs with saving settings.


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