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Chapter 12. Multiple Custom Layouts

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Adding an Additional Custom Layout

We've seen examples of how to create a custom layout by copying the default JSP templates that come with the application into the custom directory and then making modifications. SoftSlate Commerce lets you take things one step further and create multiple layouts consisting of multiple sets of customized JSP templates.

In short, you can create as many directories under the /WEB-INF/layouts directory as you wish next to the custom and default directories, each one representing a completely separate look and feel for your store. Which layout a given visitor to your store sees can be controlled by a simple URL parameter (named layout). If the layout URL parameter matches the name of a directory under /WEB-INF/layouts, the store will use the templates in that directory, when they exist, to render the screens. (As with the custom layout, if a template does not exist, the store will use the corresponding template in the default directory.)

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