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Guide for Designers

Table of Contents

10. Making Basic Customizations
Dynamic Font Styles
Using CSS Stylesheets Instead of Dynamic Styles
Display Settings
11. Creating a Custom Layout
Setting Up Your Design Environment
Custom and Default JSP Templates
Customizing Your First Screen
Customizing the Core Layout Files
Customizing Screen Sections: Working with the Tiles Framework
12. Multiple Custom Layouts
Adding an Additional Custom Layout
13. More Customization Examples
SoftSlate Commerce's Built-In Categories
14. SoftSlate Commerce's Screens
Welcome Screen
Contact Screen
About Screen
Search Screen
Cart Item Edit Screen
Category Screen
Product Screen
Product List Screen
Search Results Screen
Cart Screen
Account Login Screen
Register Screen
Lost Password Screen
Checkout Invite Login Screen
Checkout Force Login Screen
Checkout Invite Register Screen
Error Screen
Order Form Screen
Account Addresses Screen
Account Password Screen
Account History Screen
Account History Details Screen
Checkout Addresses Screen
Checkout Payment Screen
Checkout Combo Screen
Checkout Confirm Screen
Checkout Thank You Screen

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