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Viewing Your Test Order

After placing a test order you can go back into the administrator application to view the order and its details.

Example 2.3. Viewing an Order

  1. Log into the SoftSlate Commerce administrator using the user name and password you created in the Installer tool. By default the administrator application is located at /softslate/administrator
  2. Once logged in, navigate to Orders and Customers -> Orders. You should see the test order you placed at the center of the screen. Click the "Details" link next to the order to view the billing information for the order.
  3. From the order details screen, you can click the "Deliveries" link to view the order's delivery address and information, and from there you can follow links to view the items that were ordered. Click the "Payments" link to view the order's payment information. And click "Display Invoice" to view the invoice for the order, with all of the items and delivery information on one screen.

Congratulations! You've added your first product to your store, and placed your store's first order.

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