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Version 2.3.5

Interface Changes - Lucene classes. 

The class structure supporting the Lucene and Advanced Search processing was reorganized to provide better functional separation and modularity. At the next restart, the system will attempt to add the following lines to your /WEB-INF/classes/ file to support the new interface implementations. If the server does not have writable permissions for that file, or if you are maintaining that file manually, you must add these configurations manually as you perform the upgrade.

luceneIndexerImplementer = com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.product.BasicLuceneIndexer
luceneSearcherImplementer = com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.product.BasicLuceneSearcher

The previous property, "luceneProcessorImplementer" is no longer used.

If you have made customizations to the way Lucene indexes or searches, you will need to update your customizations to conform to the new class structure. The previous interface, com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.product.LuceneProcessor has been replaced by two new interfaces: com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.product.LuceneIndexer and com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.product.LuceneSearcher. So if you have created your own implementation of LuceneProcessor, you should incorporate your customizations into implementations of one or both of the new interfaces. Specifically, if you have subclassed BasicLuceneProcessor, you should now subclass BasicLuceneIndexer and/or BasicLuceneSearcher, and update the values of the new "luceneIndexerImplementer" and "luceneSearcherImplementer" properties in to identify your subclass.

Interface Changes - other. 

The following properties have been added to the application interfaces to support new features. If you have created your own custom Java classes please take note of the following interface changes. If you have created an implementation of any of these interfaces, please update your implementations as you upgrade.

  1. Implementations of com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.product.Product and com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.order.OrderItem must now implement String getSeoCode() and void setSeoCode(String seoCode)
  2. Implementations of com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.customer.Customer must now implement String getAutoLoginToken() and void setAutoLoginToken(String autoLoginToken)
  3. Implementations of com.softslate.commerce.businessobjects.order.Order must now implement String getAutoSavedCartToken() and void setAutoSavedCartToken(String autoSavedCartToken)

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