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In early 2003, SoftSlate founder David Tobey began searching for a shopping cart application written in Java, and he was surprised to find nothing in the open-source world, or on the market that was affordable. To fill the niche, he began writing one himself.

In late 2004 he brought SoftSlate Commerce to market. Since then it has been implemented by dozens of companies taking advantage of the first affordable, full-featured Java shopping cart designed for small to mid-sized businesses. In late 2006, David moved SoftSlate's office from the Boulder, Colorado area to Schenectady, New York, and began to provide a suite of customization and support services for SoftSlate Commerce.

With the growth of open-source technologies such as Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, and Hibernate, we feel Java has become more accessible, lightweight, and easier to use than ever before. At the same time, it remains a powerful, elegant language that is easily scaled. More and more it is becoming a perfect platform not just for enterprise operations but for small to mid-sized businesses and independent developers.

At SoftSlate we aim to serve the needs of this group by providing a powerful shopping cart solution that includes a rich set of base features, source code, and a framework for making customizations easily and efficiently.