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SoftSlate Cloud Edition Beta Program

SoftSlate is looking for beta customers for the next version of SoftSlate Commerce, a cloud-based ecommerce/management application we are developing. If you run a business that is looking to improve its ecommerce presence, we would like to work with you to create a software solution that works for you.
Benefits of the beta program:
• In exchange for your time and feedback, we'll work closely with you to understand and implement your particular business's requirements (including custom changes that would only benefit your business). A big part of SoftSlate is tailoring the application to your needs. While we iron out all the basic features everyone needs, we will also implement whatever features you need that may be specific to your business.
• There is no cost for being part of the beta program. 
• At the end of the Beta program you'll be able to buy a software subscription if you choose. (The pricing is expected to be around $10,000/year.) There is no obligation to do so, nor any other obligations or "gotchas". There will be no additional charge for the custom development we will have done for you. So in effect, we are offering free custom development in exchange for your time and feedback.
What we ask of you:

• To share your needs and requirements for software to help you run your business.
• To test and provide feedback for features we've developed, especially ones we're developing in response to your requirements.
Features we are working on:

• Ecommerce: A full-featured shopping cart allowing your customers to browse and search your products and place orders.
• Inventory management: Reports and console interfaces to upload and manage units, see when stock for specific products is low, and move units between multiple locations.
• Fraud control: A dashboard and suite of tools for employees to gauge the fraud risk of individual orders, make notes, upload documents, and collect deposits from customers.
• Shipping: A dashboard and suite of tools to assist in the shipping process. Assigning units to orders, creating shipping labels, including integrations with UPS, FedEx and USPS.
• Rental Scheduling: For business that rent stuff, continuous real-time scheduling of rented units, tracking exactly what's available and when. The ability to limit customer purchases based on availability.
• Receiving: A dashboard and suite of tools for receiving inventory back into stock. Tools for charging late fees, or for damaged items. The ability to send units out of circulation for repair.
• More: REST APIs, customer service tools, management and compliance reporting, customer and employee notifications, etc.
To join the beta program, please Contact Us.