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SoftSlate Commerce is only one part of building a successful ecommerce business. For the rest, including design, marketing, development, and hosting services, the following list of partners have proven invaluable to us and our clients.



SoftSlate is a certified partner of Avalara and SoftSlate Commerce integrates with Avalara's AvaTax service to provide accurate, real-time tax rates to customers. Avalara eliminates the hassle of managing sales and use tax complexities for businesses of all sizes through its web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) technology. SoftSlate provides free support to SoftSlate Commerce users implementing Avalara's services.

For more information, visit Avalara's website.


PayPal Partner

SoftSlate, LLC is an official partner of PayPal. SoftSlate Commerce is integrated with PayPal Payments Pro (US and UK), PayPal Payflow Pro, and PayPal Express Checkout. SoftSlate provides free support for setting up and configuring PayPal to SoftSlate Commerce users who create a PayPal account through the below reseller link.

To get started with PayPal, sign up for Express Checkout or Website Payments Pro. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Authorize.Net Certified Solution

Authorize.Net Certified Developer

SoftSlate, LLC is a preferred reseller of payment gateway accounts. SoftSlate Commerce is integrated with's AIM, DPM, and CIM services. SoftSlate provides free support for setting up and configuring to SoftSlate Commerce users who sign up for an account through the below link.

To get started with, sign up here: SoftSlate/ Sign Up. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Bright Tribe

Bright Tribe

SoftSlate partners with Bright Tribe to deliver full-service solutions for our mutual clients. While our specialty is custom ecommerce and website application development, Bright Tribe excells at marketing, SEO, and design.

Bright Tribe understands successful marketing strategy and can help you create the right integrated marketing campaign to achieve your goals. From full service branding to search engine optimization and Web site design and development, our experienced approach will deliver the success you need.

For more information, visit



SoftSlate, LLC is a certified reseller of the McAfee SECURE™ trustmark service, and through McAfee we offer our clients their Free PCI Compliance Service. SoftSlate provides free support in conjunction with McAfee's services to SoftSlate Commerce users who purchase an account through us.

Click here to Sign Up for McAfee SECURE.

Click here to Sign Up for FREE McAfee PCI Compliance Service.

Other Partners

Design and Usability Services

Web Standards & Accessibility



Interested in becoming a partner of SoftSlate? Contact Us to start a conversation.