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Ongoing Support

Our commitment to you as a client is based on a simple premise: our success is measured by your success. We hope to become not just a vendor of yours, but a partner, and that the end of our first project with you turns into the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Server and Store Monitoring

One part of our commitment is being there if any problems arise. For us this is more than just lip service. We offer a pair of monitoring tools to all of our custom development clients: one detects any time your website goes offline for any reason, and one detects any time there is an application error within your SoftSlate Commerce installation. In both cases, alerts are sent to us, and we'll investigate promptly. We are happy to this, for one reason because downtime and errors are quite rare on the sites we are involved with. But more than this, when your site goes down, we believe it reflects poorly on us. Our first impulse is to fix it, no questions asked.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

We are experts in the field of ecommerce, but the landscape is constantly changing. Part of our role is to anticipate the changes that are coming and to provide the tools for our clients to take advantage. Whether it be tweaking the application to attract search engine traffic, or reexamining how to make every detail of your site easy to use, we will keep coming up with suggestions to improve your online presence long after you're up and running. There is always room for improvement, particularly in the world of the web.

Ready to Get Started?

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