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Installation and Set Up

Whether you're running your own web server and need help setting SoftSlate up, or you're starting from scratch, we can help you get SoftSlate installed and configured. In just a few hours we can have your store up and running, so you're ready to go through the steps you need to take to go live.

SoftSlate Commerce Installation

Not every web server comes configured with the ability to serve Java applications like SoftSlate Commerce. Apache Tomcat is a free, open-source Java application server that has proven to be extremely popular and stable. We have the expertise to install Apache Tomcat for you with just the right configuration for SoftSlate Commerce. Whether you're running Windows and use IIS, or Linux and use Apache, we can get Tomcat up and running in a fraction of the time even the most experienced system administrators can - because we've done it so much! Let us take care of this chore for you and save yourself some hassle.

Store Configuration

Need help importing products, configuring taxes, defining shipping options, or setting up payment processing? We've been through it all before so let us help and save you some time. If you already have product information, allow us to import it automatically into the store, to get your installation jump started. Next, let us discuss with you what business rules you need to use to define tax rates and shipping options. With the intimate knowledge we have of SoftSlate Commerce's capabilities, we'll tailor the various settings to represent your needs. We can also help you configure your store to process payments in a variety of ways, including helping you through the process of establishing an account with a payment processor.

Ready to Get Started?

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