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The following sites are a sampling of the SoftSlate Commerce implementations we've done for our clients. Please browse these sites to get an idea of what's possible with SoftSlate Commerce.

Immersion Rentals

Immersion Rentals offers the Apple Vision Pro VR headset for rent to groups and individuals. Instead of buying this expensive piece of equipment, customers can rent the amazing device for a fraction of the cost.

Custom Features Developed by SoftSlate:

  • Runs on the SoftSlate Cloud Platform.
  • Rental features such as validating rental dates, and computing pricing based on rental periods.
  • Custom content and product information features.

Toms Offroad

Toms Offroad sells replacement parts for the early Ford Bronco to enthusiasts.

Custom Features Developed by SoftSlate:

  • Custom FedEx shipping processor to handle large, oversized items, free shipping and other requirements.
  • Migration of complex legacy data including products, categories, content pages, orders, and customers, from previous system's database, to SoftSlate Commerce's.
  • Exports for Google Shopping and other integrations. provides camera lenses and equipment for rent to photographers.

Custom Features Developed by SoftSlate:

  • Complete rental and inventory scheduling system, including real-time inventory checks during checkout, numerous administrative tools for tracking availability, and integration with FedEx and UPS to adjust schedules according to the carrier's tracking information.
  • Rearrangement of the checkout screen to better emphasize the various shipping and pick up options available.
  • Numerous tools developed in the Administrator to assist staff with order processing and fulfillment including shipping and receiving.


Agri-Cover's e-commerce web site offers a variety of roll up covers for pick up trucks, snow plow attachments, and other accessories.

Custom Features Developed by SoftSlate:

  • Extended products to store custom information unique to each part sold.
  • Integration with the online tax processing service AvaTax.
  • Numerous display features to handle Agri-Cover's unique product offerings. sells trailers and truck accessories.

Custom Features Developed by SoftSlate:

  • QuickBooks Online integration, allowing newly placed orders on the SoftSlate site to automatically be synced into QBO as Sales Receipts. is an official dealer of SnowSport® snow plows and snow plow accessories.

Custom Features Developed by SoftSlate:

  • Integration of PhotoShop design into SoftSlate Commerce templates.
  • Ajax-powered dynamic widget to choose a particular Make, Model and Year of a vehicle.

America's Business to Consumers

America's Business to Consumers is dedicated to providing exclusively American-made products and services for sale on their site.

Custom Features Developed by SoftSlate:

  • Custom integration with multiple suppliers including product imports, inventory updates, and order fulfillment integration.
  • Customized UPS shipping processor able to compute rates for shipments with multiple origination points.
  • Extension of the SoftSlate architecture to allow for numerous content pages and sections. offers fast delivery of tools and other contracting materials from two locations, with no minimum requirements.

Custom Features Developed by SoftSlate:

  • Integration of PhotoShop design into SoftSlate Commerce templates.
  • Extension of Faceted Search feature in implementing "branded categories" pages - pages listing categorized products from a particular manufacturer.
  • Dynamic recommendations tailored to each user: "Customers who viewed x also viewed a, b and c", and "Customers who ordered x also ordered a, b and c"

Sites from the SoftSlate Community

Here are some more SoftSlate Commerce sites which have been developed by members of the community.