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We're grateful for the nice things people have said about our product and our services. Here is a sampling.

At Toms Offroad, Softslate has been our e-commerce solution since 2006. The team at Softslate does an incredible job of keeping the platform up to date and adding customizations where needed. The Softslate platform is simple yet powerful. Customer service we get from Softslate is extremely responsive and goes above and beyond our expectations.
Garrett, TomsOffroad
I'd like to express my gratitude for a product such as Softslate that will save me a ton of time in future projects. The pay for play isn't as bloody as your competitor's and you include the source code too. What a deal!
tigerchili on SoftSlate Forums
Very nice application and outstanding code quality!
I think you've done a really fine job with structure of this system.
Roland Quast
rquast on SoftSlate Forums
I'm actually quite impressed with this shopping cart package. I can see myself recommending it to quite a number of people.
Robert Matthews
rmatthews on SoftSlate Forums
Softslate is a well designed, stable application. Much better than most all of what I have seen for shopping carts.... We have purchased softslate and modified it extensively. It is a great product! Well laid out and very easy to customize.... I do recommend SoftSlate to others. I cannot say enough about what an excellent product SoftSlate is and your excellent service.
keeperso on SoftSlate Forums
You do great documentation.... I've done 3 rollouts and none took more than 5 minutes. The biggest pro that no PHP cart has ever done for me: source code included and great support to boot.
pjdez on SoftSlate Forums
Nice tool, good documentation, high quality source code.
Hans-Jörg Stangor
via Twitter
I am using SoftSlate since last year with great success. Many thanks to the Softslate Team.
jhussain in the SoftSlate Forums
SoftSlate is much faster than PHP carts I have used or looked into.... We have been using it for about 6 months now and had an increase in business and better search engine placement since implementing it.... SoftSlate Commerce is set up perfect for SEO!
on SoftSlate Forums
Softslate worked with us to create a website that met our specific business requirements, they quickly grasped the concepts we put forward and made sugestions for improvments where possible. They worked quickly to implement the design and communicated their progress throughout the project.