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Community Edition


Download the Community Edition

By downloading the Community Edition, you agree to be bound by its license (Apache 2).

The Community Edition Includes:

  • The application as a war, zip, or standalone file. (The standalone allow you to run it under an embedded Winstone server. Otherwise, an application server such as Apache Tomcat is required. In addition, your database, and a JDK must be installed separately.)
  • All of the Java source code, configuration files, JSP templates, CSS stylesheets, and SQL scripts for the Community Edition features. (See here for a comparison with the Enterprise Edition. See here for the full feature list.
  • A set of test product data allowing you experiment with the same set of products and categories used in our demo store.
  • The ability to customize and extend the application according to our Simple Rules.
  • The SoftSlate Commerce Administrator interface.
  • The SoftSlate Commerce Installer interface.
  • Access to the API documentation and the User Guide, which are publicly available from our documentation page.

Notes about upgrading to another Edition:

  • When you purchase the Enterprise Edition you can simply apply the upgrade from the newly purchased Edition to drop in the new features to your existing project.
  • Likewise if you choose to go with a Hosted Edition, contact us and we'll set up your store with your existing project.