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Release Annoucements

Review the upgrade announcements for recent SoftSlate Commerce releases.

3.5.4 Released December 26, 2023—Improvements to API, Shipping Methods, and More!

3.5.3 Released June 25, 2021—QuickBooks Online Integration and More!

3.5.2 Released December 14, 2020—Product Files, HTTP Security Headers, and More!

3.5.1 Released January 18, 2020—Tax Improvements, Liquibase Integration, and More!

3.5.0 Released May 17, 2019—API Improvements; Integration Revamp; Email Templates; and More!

3.4.2 Released June 25, 2018—More API Endpoints; Customer Password Security Features; and More!

3.4.1 Released January 31, 2018—Customer Account and Checkout API Endpoints, and more!

3.4.0 Released July 28, 2017—Advanced Search Auto-Suggestions, Accept.js Integration, Revamped API, and More!

3.3.6 Released October 24, 2016—Advanced Search live updates, Google reCAPTCHA integration, and more.

3.3.5 Released June 17, 2016—Hibernate Envers integration for audit logging, bug fixes and other improvements.

3.3.4 Released February 25, 2016—Shipping improvements, facet sorting, bug fixes and other improvements.

3.3.3 Released January 6, 2015—Purchase Orders, Password Reset Feature, Hibernate, Lucene and JSTL Upgrades, and more.

3.3.2 Released March 5, 2014—Responsive HTML5 templates based on Twitter Bootstrap. MailChimp, CRE Secure integration, and More.

3.3.1 Released December 17, 2013—Marketing Automation, Administrator Security, Email Management, API Access, Quartz Integration, Events Improvements, and More.

3.3.0 Released August 14, 2013—AvaTax, Lucene, PayPal, and Improvements; Great New Developer Tools.

3.2.7 Released April 23, 2013— Hosted CIM.

3.2.6 Released February 1, 2013—Faceted Search.

Enterprise And Community Editions Released (Version 3.2.5) June 15, 2012—New Enterprise and Community Editions.

3.2.4 Released February 6, 2012—Numerous minor improvements.

3.2.3 Released October 30, 2011—Product Reviews and Additional Images for products.

3.2.2 Released June 13, 2011—Integration with First Data Global Gateway payment processor, and more.

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